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Company News About 33 a "machine" deal with social security business

33 a "machine" deal with social security business

Latest company news about 33 a

【Shenzhen commercial daily news 】  (reporter Xu Tian correspondent Unpaid) individual capture to expend on registration of new ginseng is protected, fingerprint authentication, retiree health care account binding family and other social security business, can on the social security of self-service "robot" to deal with.The reporter learns yesterday interview, futian, luohu of social security bureau recently upgraded self-service terminals, deal with the business from the original 13 to 33, to ginseng and ginseng protect firms "all-weather, zero distance" self service of social security.

Was reported that zhuhai social security branch launched in recent years, for the convenience of new initiatives, promote the equalization of public service of social security, the social security "robots" that self-service terminals to the grassroots, let those people in the "home" to "one-stop" to deal with a number of social security business.Self-service terminal has become the important supplement of the window of social security services.Fukuda branch of social security, for example, in the branch headquarters service hall installation of 32 self-service terminals, only provide individual ginseng protects certificate, social security relations transfer voucher printing business, such as average monthly services in more than 20000 people, more and more ginseng protect unit and ginseng protect people choose self-service terminal nearby to conduct social security business.

Before the social security of self-service terminal can deal with 13 business, mainly query and printing business.Recently, the research and development of city social security bureau to upgrade the self-service terminal of social security, increase the function of many, especially in new parts of the business functions.City social security bureau relevant controller introduces, "after the upgrade of self-service terminal set query, print, and part of the business to deal with functions in an organic whole, a total of 33 items with function, including individual ginseng protects prove query printing, past five insurance treatment query, individual pay cost base changes, the deep and jobless claims, children's college student health insurance payment and individual pay cost on registration of new ginseng is protected, the outpatient service a serious illness that results query, monthly payment list query printing company, etc., and upgraded self-service terminals can be directly printed red chapter of social security, don't have to run to the window of business of social security seal."

Each branch of city social security bureau to speed up social security self-service terminal sinking at the grass-roots level, actively coordinate related functional departments and district government, district jurisdiction street, drive in the streets, communities, part of the configuration of key enterprises, crowded public places social security self-service terminals.Currently, a total of four fukuda of social security bureau of a new generation of self-service terminals, respectively installed in futian district government affairs center, futian district enterprise development services center, park hill street.Mr Fukuda branch first to adopt the mode of wireless access network, also makes the interconnectivity, efficient operation of the social security self-service channel;Lo wu station 11 sets a new generation of self-service terminals, respectively installed in luohu district government affairs center and branch of the department.Next, two branches of the social security bureau in the city, under the unified deployment of continue to upgrade the social security self-service terminals.

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