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Lastest company news about Cut the ticket into a trend Self-service sales to collect the tickets machine into the theater 2016/11/14
Cut the ticket into a trend Self-service sales to collect the tickets machine into the theater
 Now, take the high-speed rail train travel convenience, the popularity of the public can buy train tickets on the Internet, self-service collect the tickets at the station, the self-service check-in recount, but in many opened metro city, citizens can also self-help top-up tickets, self-service check-in in and out of the station, the whole process to achieve "unattended", greatly reduce the operating costs.Imagine if this scenario happened in the whole process of the cinema, what sight is? If the cinema can configure a system, no matter in which movie ticket purchase movie tickets online site, you can be in a unified self-service collect the tickets on the terminal to take out the tickets to the theatre.At the same time, it sold the ticket machine can also use of bank CARDS, WeChat, pay treasure to choose, ticketing, trouble you waiting in line at a movie theater, isn't it a very cool, very convenient thing?Scenario that actually is in sight, the tripod self-help information cinema ticket sales and taking system can realize these functions for you, theater scene don't need dozens of controls, only a few people, everything gets the theaters sell the ticket machine system to complete the buffet. Have a LIEN KIOSK, self-help information cinema ticket sales and taking system, we don't have to in order to buy or take the ticket and go to the cinema line ahead of time, as long as the theater self-help sell the ticket machine system, can achieve.Self-help information cinema ticket sales and taking system perfect and implement the humanized design concept, not in proportion to the size to fully consider the proportion of the body shape, scope and conducive to lay outside factors such as theaters cinemas self-service terminals of the overall appearance, the respect such as colour collocation also is to conform to the aesthetic standard, the principle of audience psychological characteristics such as conditions for design.Cinema of self-service terminal was, therefore, not only can add a beautiful beautiful scenery line for cinema, set a good brand image, and conducive to theaters to improve core competitiveness of the cinema.      With the release, the film's spectacular movie box office market and the rapid growth of attendance also greatly improved, using cinema self-help collect the tickets, ticket sales and taking system increases with the increasing to get convenient, improve the experience at the same time also can reduce the labor costs, so as to promote the further development of the industry and market.
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Lastest company news about 33 a 2016/09/02
33 a "machine" deal with social security business
【Shenzhen commercial daily news 】  (reporter Xu Tian correspondent Unpaid) individual capture to expend on registration of new ginseng is protected, fingerprint authentication, retiree health care account binding family and other social security business, can on the social security of self-service "robot" to deal with.The reporter learns yesterday interview, futian, luohu of social security bureau recently upgraded self-service terminals, deal with the business from the original 13 to 33, to ginseng and ginseng protect firms "all-weather, zero distance" self service of social security. Was reported that zhuhai social security branch launched in recent years, for the convenience of new initiatives, promote the equalization of public service of social security, the social security "robots" that self-service terminals to the grassroots, let those people in the "home" to "one-stop" to deal with a number of social security business.Self-service terminal has become the important supplement of the window of social security services.Fukuda branch of social security, for example, in the branch headquarters service hall installation of 32 self-service terminals, only provide individual ginseng protects certificate, social security relations transfer voucher printing business, such as average monthly services in more than 20000 people, more and more ginseng protect unit and ginseng protect people choose self-service terminal nearby to conduct social security business. Before the social security of self-service terminal can deal with 13 business, mainly query and printing business.Recently, the research and development of city social security bureau to upgrade the self-service terminal of social security, increase the function of many, especially in new parts of the business functions.City social security bureau relevant controller introduces, "after the upgrade of self-service terminal set query, print, and part of the business to deal with functions in an organic whole, a total of 33 items with function, including individual ginseng protects prove query printing, past five insurance treatment query, individual pay cost base changes, the deep and jobless claims, children's college student health insurance payment and individual pay cost on registration of new ginseng is protected, the outpatient service a serious illness that results query, monthly payment list query printing company, etc., and upgraded self-service terminals can be directly printed red chapter of social security, don't have to run to the window of business of social security seal." Each branch of city social security bureau to speed up social security self-service terminal sinking at the grass-roots level, actively coordinate related functional departments and district government, district jurisdiction street, drive in the streets, communities, part of the configuration of key enterprises, crowded public places social security self-service terminals.Currently, a total of four fukuda of social security bureau of a new generation of self-service terminals, respectively installed in futian district government affairs center, futian district enterprise development services center, park hill street.Mr Fukuda branch first to adopt the mode of wireless access network, also makes the interconnectivity, efficient operation of the social security self-service channel;Lo wu station 11 sets a new generation of self-service terminals, respectively installed in luohu district government affairs center and branch of the department.Next, two branches of the social security bureau in the city, under the unified deployment of continue to upgrade the social security self-service terminals.
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Lastest company news about Shenzhen ShuiQi joint research and development of logistics park self-help invoice system 2016/09/01
Shenzhen ShuiQi joint research and development of logistics park self-help invoice system
Reporter on August 30, understands from shenzhen buji national tax, the joint shenzhen branch of sinotrans logistics co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as sinotrans) in the issued by the domestic logistics park self-help invoice first terminal system, since September 2015 in r&d and project, launched in February 2016, put into use in sinotrans pinghu logistics park, accumulative total invoice more than 20000, 18000 for automatic billing, through self-service machine project settlement of tax revenue nearly 900000 yuan.Especially since the introduction of the third party payment, pay cost to print invoices, it only takes 1 minute, truly achieve the "every minute" of make out an invoice. Totally enclosed in customs supervision of logistics enterprise park self-help pay cost plus terminal of make out an invoice, is the logistics park in shenzhen buji national tax according to the enterprise actual demand, ShuiQi cooperation with "Internet + tax" new mode of tax service.In the logistics park to realize self-help pay cost and machine invoice, in the domestic logistics park of tax management mode is still on initiative.Before the system on-line operation, came to sinotrans pinghu logistics park to handle the business of going back and forth across the customer needs in the reservoir area and cash payment window, the related tax formalities, need to pay a big cost on manpower and time.Sinotrans company for this case to the competent buji national tax department put forward the solution to apply for, looking forward to through the way of self-help pay package add machine for invoice, resolving this difficult problem. Buji duty attaches great importance to this, to send to the park after many times with the enterprise communication research, bold use of "Internet + tax" thinking, through setting network remote control in the reservoir area of self-service terminals, a key to realize self-help payment, billing, information acquisition solution.Under the support of the higher authorities, buji duty then help enterprise to solve the application and general machine to print invoices and related process guidance, sinotrans company is according to the demand to entrust a third party to develop the self-service terminal software and hardware equipment.Under the cooperation of both sides, the self-service terminal system of successful project was started in September 2015, and in February 2016 formally online use.  
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Lastest company news about GCI Wireless gets advanced payment kiosks 2014/08/27
GCI Wireless gets advanced payment kiosks
Time:2014-8-25  Hits: 18  Origin: kioskmarketplace   March 30, 2012 B2B Soft, a software company specializing in retail management for the wireless/cellular retail industry, and Cycle30, a provider of hosted order-to-cash billing services, announced they have deployed a new in-store payment kiosk platform at wireless provider GCI. The kiosks are deployed at six pilot locations now and will roll out to 19 more retail locations shortly. They extend GCI's Wireless Standard POS system by offering customers a self-service option to pay bills by cash or check using the same signature-capture device used in the POS terminal for credit and debit cards. The kiosks sport a streamlined, intuitive, GCI branded interface that is simple and easy to navigate. The point-of-sale user interface has helped position the Wireless Standard platform as a premier retail management platform. The standard is now deployed in more than 4,500 wireless retail locations throughout North America. The payment kiosks benefit GCI customers and customer service representatives alike. By using the kiosk, customers can save time and still have payments processed and posted immediately. Total transaction time is significantly reduced, increasing customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, GCI staff are freed to provide customer service for profitable sales transactions instead of taking bill payments. We've gotten great customer feedback in the stores so far,said Maureen Moore, GCI vice president for consumer services. We are very pleased with the B2B Soft payment kiosk and point-of-sale system deployed by Cycle30. GCI is providing a higher quality customer experience by making life easier for their customers with the ability to pay any or all of their bills immediately at an automated bill pay kiosk, says Gary Khabinski, B2B Soft CEO. We anticipate that the kiosks will make life easier across GCI's retail operation statewide, by using staff more effectively, reducing customer wait times and simplifying transactions and reconciliations. 〖 Print 〗 〖 Back 〗
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Lastest company news about Moscow transitions from street vendors to kiosks 2014/08/27
Moscow transitions from street vendors to kiosks
Aug. 21, 2014   One of the primary characteristics of the streets of Moscow has been its vendors, according    But city authorities saw the stalls, tents and booths as clutter to the area, and all vendors were shut down in 2010. The idea was to replace them with a modern, unified scheme, so the Moscow Committee for Architecture and City Planning looked into automated retail kiosks. The first kiosk was installed in the famous Pushkin Square, and the project resulted in cutting vendors by half — from 22,000 to 10,000 with the new stations.   Now Moscow's automated vending kiosks feature a screen with "robot eyes" and digital signage that says "Vsyo Sam," meaning "All By Myself," the name of the first company so far to take on the pilot project. The city spent 3.5 million rubles ($98 million) on the project, which has resulted in stations that sell items such as chocolate, headphones, shoe brushes and more, according to the article.   "The task is to verify whether people will be afraid of our kiosk or if they will react appropriately to it," said Alexander Zolotarev, the head of the group of companies who started the project. "Two to three hundred purchases a day will testify that people definitely do not fear it."   Market officials estimate each kiosks to cost around $40,000. Their projected payoff is about a year and half. The machines are expected to last 15 years.   Topics: Digital Signage , Payment Kiosk , Retail Kiosks , Tickets Vending Kiosks  
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Lastest company news about 5 ways you can engage your shoppers with interactive kiosks 2014/07/23
5 ways you can engage your shoppers with interactive kiosks
It's no surprise that interactive kiosks are popping up all over the retail landscape. Digital interactive kiosks offer innovative ways to interact with your customers, reach target audiences efficiently and thrive in today's competitive marketplace. Here are five ways interactive kiosks can work for your business: 1 Help your customers find the right product Interactive kiosks can help your customers zero in on the right product quickly and easily. Whether its selecting the right pillow, choosing a kids car seat or picking the right GPS system, kiosks can help customers to self-educate and select the right product for their needs without sales assistance. Many customers actually prefer to shop in this fashion without the need to interact with sales people. 2 Facilitate customer sales efficiently Interactive kiosks make an excellent sales assistant tool for your customer service representatives. For example, if a customer has a question about a specific product, such as a cellphone, a salesperson can lead them over to the interactive kiosk and direct them to the product they are specifically interested in. Simply by touching the screen or scanning a product, the customer can learn about pricing, view different color options, find buying guides and compare products on the spot. Interactive kiosks supplement the service from your salesperson and provide customers with the information they need even when a sales assistant is not immediately available to help. 3 Reduce "walk-outs" By keeping your customers engaged, they are less likely to leave the store while waiting for a sales representative to become available. Traffic volumes vary greatly in retail. When customers flood the store, interactive kiosks can begin the education and sales process until sales personnel are free.
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