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Company News About Attractions tickets solution

Attractions tickets solution

Latest company news about Attractions tickets solution

     World from formation to the development of tourism, now has entered a steady development period, the 21st century will be the second golden age of tourism.Tourism will become the world's largest industry, tourists will reach an unprecedented scale, from all levels of various countries, tourists will put their footprints printed on every corner of the world.With the development of tourism, holiday rush hour, every tourist attractions may face the following problems:

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     Lean kiosk for tourist scenic spot self-service ticketing system provided by the company, will receive tickets online booking offline purchase tickets and live together, provide the following services:
   Pieces of unionpay, pay treasure, pay the ticket WeChat;
   Mixer can use qr code, verification code, phone number, the membership card to collect the tickets.
   Pieces to provide backend management software background management functions;
In pieces the background to monitor equipment usage;
    Mixer can monitor equipment hardware condition
Pieces can be unified management terminal through the background of advertising, upload and download
    Mixer can print attractions tickets, trading certificate;
Sweep qr code, can generate mobile verification code to confirm payment;
Pay treasure payment: confirmed payment transaction through voice read;
Background can monitor equipment usage, can automatically switch machine;
Back-up power support after power, can be normal to sell the tickets operation;
   Mixer unionpay payment support wireless communications

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