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Company News About Shenzhen ShuiQi joint research and development of logistics park self-help invoice system

Shenzhen ShuiQi joint research and development of logistics park self-help invoice system

Latest company news about Shenzhen ShuiQi joint research and development of logistics park self-help invoice system

Reporter on August 30, understands from shenzhen buji national tax, the joint shenzhen branch of sinotrans logistics co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as sinotrans) in the issued by the domestic logistics park self-help invoice first terminal system, since September 2015 in r&d and project, launched in February 2016, put into use in sinotrans pinghu logistics park, accumulative total invoice more than 20000, 18000 for automatic billing, through self-service machine project settlement of tax revenue nearly 900000 yuan.Especially since the introduction of the third party payment, pay cost to print invoices, it only takes 1 minute, truly achieve the "every minute" of make out an invoice.

Totally enclosed in customs supervision of logistics enterprise park self-help pay cost plus terminal of make out an invoice, is the logistics park in shenzhen buji national tax according to the enterprise actual demand, ShuiQi cooperation with "Internet + tax" new mode of tax service.In the logistics park to realize self-help pay cost and machine invoice, in the domestic logistics park of tax management mode is still on initiative.Before the system on-line operation, came to sinotrans pinghu logistics park to handle the business of going back and forth across the customer needs in the reservoir area and cash payment window, the related tax formalities, need to pay a big cost on manpower and time.Sinotrans company for this case to the competent buji national tax department put forward the solution to apply for, looking forward to through the way of self-help pay package add machine for invoice, resolving this difficult problem.

Buji duty attaches great importance to this, to send to the park after many times with the enterprise communication research, bold use of "Internet + tax" thinking, through setting network remote control in the reservoir area of self-service terminals, a key to realize self-help payment, billing, information acquisition solution.Under the support of the higher authorities, buji duty then help enterprise to solve the application and general machine to print invoices and related process guidance, sinotrans company is according to the demand to entrust a third party to develop the self-service terminal software and hardware equipment.Under the cooperation of both sides, the self-service terminal system of successful project was started in September 2015, and in February 2016 formally online use.

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