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Company News About 33 business self-help kiosk fix

33 business self-help kiosk fix

Latest company news about 33 business self-help kiosk  fix

Shenzhen metropolis daily news (reporter Ting-ting gao) insurance relationship transfer voucher, personal rights and interests of the single, ginseng protect personal details...As long as you need, the social security self-service terminal can not only help you to query and printing, printed with GaiHaoDe red seal!Take number and "lines" farewell, farewell repeated affix one's seal.Recently, the reporter understands from the city social security bureau, shenzhen self-service terminals are partial upgrading of social security, the updated terminal can query and deal with 33 items of business.

Reporter in the lo wu see many people are using kiosks, social security bureau operation is very simple, almost don't have to line up.It is reported that in recent years, zhuhai launched a variety of convenient new measures of social security branch, promote the equalization of public service of social security, will also be self-service terminal to the base of social security, let those people in the "home" to "one-stop" to deal with a number of social security business.

According to introducing, self-service terminal has become the important supplement of the window of social security services.Fukuda branch, for example, in the branch of the department service hall to install the 32 self-service terminals, only provide individual ginseng protects certificate, social security relations transfer voucher printing business, such as average monthly services in more than 20000 people, more and more ginseng protect unit and ginseng protect people choose self-service terminal nearby to conduct social security business.

At present, luohu branch of social security, Mr Fukuda, each branch and longhua branch has configured the 11 and 12 sets of 4, a new generation of kiosks.Respectively installed in futian district government affairs center, futian district service center of enterprise development, park ridge streets;Luohu district government affairs center, luohu district social security bureau;Longhua, wave three social security management, by the people, and for the foxconn campus and longhua new district social security bureau.According to the relevant person in charge of the above three branch, branch is underway to arrange other terminal upgrade, and strive to achieve a self-service terminals, personal web platform and WeChat public platform of "three network data seamless docking.


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