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Company News About GCI Wireless gets advanced payment kiosks

GCI Wireless gets advanced payment kiosks

Latest company news about GCI Wireless gets advanced payment kiosks
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March 30, 2012

B2B Soft, a software company specializing in retail management for the wireless/cellular retail industry, and Cycle30, a provider of hosted order-to-cash billing services, announced they have deployed a new in-store payment kiosk platform at wireless provider GCI.

The kiosks are deployed at six pilot locations now and will roll out to 19 more retail locations shortly. They extend GCI's Wireless Standard POS system by offering customers a self-service option to pay bills by cash or check using the same signature-capture device used in the POS terminal for credit and debit cards.

The kiosks sport a streamlined, intuitive, GCI branded interface that is simple and easy to navigate. The point-of-sale user interface has helped position the Wireless Standard platform as a premier retail management platform. The standard is now deployed in more than 4,500 wireless retail locations throughout North America.

The payment kiosks benefit GCI customers and customer service representatives alike. By using the kiosk, customers can save time and still have payments processed and posted immediately. Total transaction time is significantly reduced, increasing customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, GCI staff are freed to provide customer service for profitable sales transactions instead of taking bill payments.

We've gotten great customer feedback in the stores so far,said Maureen Moore, GCI vice president for consumer services. We are very pleased with the B2B Soft payment kiosk and point-of-sale system deployed by Cycle30.

GCI is providing a higher quality customer experience by making life easier for their customers with the ability to pay any or all of their bills immediately at an automated bill pay kiosk, says Gary Khabinski, B2B Soft CEO. We anticipate that the kiosks will make life easier across GCI's retail operation statewide, by using staff more effectively, reducing customer wait times and simplifying transactions and reconciliations.

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