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LKS Outdoor kiosk use for rent bicycles at Metrol Station

November 6, 2014

Latest company news about LKS Outdoor kiosk use for rent bicycles at Metrol Station

The idea of an outdoor kiosk for most of us brings to mind DVD rentals. However, businesses across the country are finding innovative ways to bring self-service outdoors – making buying products and services easier, faster and more efficient. The anytime, anywhere architecture of an outdoor kiosk provides endless possibilities for consumers on-the-go.

latest company news about LKS Outdoor kiosk use for rent bicycles at Metrol Station  0

Self-storage businesses, for instance, are now using kiosks to operate their storage facilities 24 hours. Customers can use the kiosks to rent bicycles on a short- or long-term contract. LKS outdoor kiosk use for rent bicycles at Metrol Station, nearly averty metrol station for line one in shenzhen city have our outdoor kiosk LKS8233


Disneyland recently installed self-service stroller rental kiosks at the stroller and wheelchair rental booth. Parents who forgot their strollers at home, are travelling or ran out of space in their cars may visit the kiosks and use credit cards to rent up to five strollers for as long as six days.


Outdoor kiosks are even helping our city go more green. Shenzhen provides kiosk bike rentals to expand public transportation options. Not only are the bicycles eco-friendly, the rental kiosks are solar powered. Long Beach intends to provide 1000 bicycles divided between more than 200 bike kiosks throughout the downtown area. 


It's clear that both the general public and businesses are embracing the flexibility of the kiosk. With outdoor kiosks, businesses are able to maximize their sales by offering products and services at anytime without the need for staff while still providing quality customer service. From DVDs to strollers to eco-friendly bikes, self-service is taking hold in new ways everyday and continues to evolve



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