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Company News About Standard Kiosk

Standard Kiosk

Latest company news about Standard Kiosk

Standard kiosk enclosures

The standard kiosk enclosure is the least expensive and most flexible model that kiosk manufacturers will offer.  These units will have gone through multiple certification cycles and have been modified for any and all possible devices.


A common recommendation for a multi-phase project where it is important that proof of concepts be deployed quickly will almost always be done with a standard kiosk model.


Standard kiosk models are typically the slim standup with a receipt printer, and then a larger unit that might accomodate a laser printer for example.  


LKS has been developing and deploying custom designed and semi-custom kiosks for years. Our kiosks are engineered to be rugged and appropriate for the environment in which they are used.  We set user expectations of the transaction experience and deliver our client’s branded message with integrity.  We design and deploy for the needs our client, because in reality "one size fits all" rarely fits anyone well.

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