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The Waiting Dead: Can self-service kiosks prevent the zombie apocalypse?

July 23, 2014

Waiting it's an inevitable and even necessary aspect of human life. We wait in lines in order to purchase groceries; to be served at restaurants; to be attended to in a bank; at amusement parks; to see a movie.However complacent we have become with shuffling through queues, it is not an activity that most of us relish.

And while there's no single elixir to eradicate life's many lines, there's certainly an arsenal of interactive technology that businesses can rely upon to prevent their customers from catching the disease of the waiting dead.

This infographic from Kiosk Marketplace and Self-Service World illustrates the multiple line offenders the places commonly found to house apocalyptic backlogs of warm bodies and examples of how businesses are using kiosks to combat them. From airports and hotels to restaurants and retail stores, kiosks are being implemented to satisfy the growing number of consumers who prefer to use technology to expedite a transaction.

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